Monday, November 28, 2011

5150: Fringe Space Playtesting

Finally got down to typing down the core rules (most of the campaign rules and such are written, just not on a computer).

"Mass" playtesting should start soon. If anyone is interested in playtesting the 5150 Space game (Fringe Space, its being called ATM) then send a message to me and I'll probably send some playtest copies out.


  1. Hello Joe, as I'm a 5150 & Space game fan (, I'm interested to playtest your game.

    My email address:



  2. Sad I saw this too late, but would ask anyway - is that offer still actual?

    Since CR2 I've always wanted to play space battles in the way THW proposes, like Full Thrust with reactions.

  3. Hm... I might be able to take on one more playtester. Depends on how much time you think you an spend.

  4. I've something around 2-4 hours per each 2 days for next month, until my leg is busted, but it's unguaranteed time - may be more, may be less.

  5. Thanks, I've sent handshake email to your address in profile (mej... at gmail)