Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5150, The Fantasy Trip, and Other Things...

... That I did over the past few months.

Sorry I haven't updated in a long while. Seems that blogging takes a lot more time than gaming!
I've been traveling a lot this summer, but I've managed to get some games in.

The crew of Beowulf on an adventure.

Khurasan Resistance fighters

Rebel Minis Earth Force heavy infantry painted up as a small Mercenary squad.

Two character models from awhile back... I've gotten better at pictures so I figured I'd retake photos of some of my favorites. 

Khurasan Exterminators.

I tried to paint the camo based on the movies but it turned out differently...

Then again in low lighting they look more like they do in the dark corridors of the movie, so it could easily be a lighting thing.

Made some rocks from a mold.

Trying to stage a shot. Shoulda moved the chair =D

Set up for a quick game of Exterminators vs. Rebels using Star Army.

A fire team of Exterminators get in a firefight with some Rebels.

The other fire team moves to flank and is surprised by a dug in squad.

The dug in squad is pushed back with casualties for both sides.

The flanking team ends up winning the fight by finishing off the Rebels behind the cars and wall and intercepting a squad of rebels that was in the open about to outflank the suppressing fire team.

(This was the game that lead me to look into ways for increasing troop survivability in cover because the Rebels were dropping like flies but in retrospect it was a fun little game!)

Decided to play a huge game of The Fantasy Trip (really just Melee as there was no magic) using Playmobils, something of a tradition with some of the guys I game with. They're nice cause you can quickly change your fantasy/medieval/ancient army's composition around by swapping arms and armor. Because we don't have enough heroscape tiles for anything more than a small skirmish we decided that each Hex was actually a megahex and wrote the unit formations (by megahex) on each unit card... so up above you can see the Imperial player working out his infantry formations.

The Northern Army (meant to represent a Feudal foe to go against the more standardized Imperial forces).

Both sides Knights start having a melee in the center while Imperial infantry slowly advance over the field. Imperial crossbowmen take up positions of slightly higher ground in the wooded area (marked by grey hexes) and whittle away at Northern troops. Meanwhile the Northern troops maintain a strong line of levied halberds behind their knights while longbows take up a position on a hill to cause some trouble for the Imperial crossbowmen. The javelin equipped Northern Troops are their elite jacks of all trades but They started off in a bad position given the terrain and took most of the battle just getting into fighting range. 

Here we can better see how a unit of Northern Halberds have tried to outflank the Imperial Knights in their melee. 

The composition of this fight reminded me of another reason we like playmobils... all posed they look just like those old painting of battles!

Unfortunately the Halberds, despite killing some knights, are outclassed by the Imperial Infantry and are killed or routed. The Northern Knights have essentially lost the melee despite both sides taking heavy losses; the Imperials had the advantage of being on slightly higher ground.

Still, as long as the left flank of the longbowmen is held, they can keep raining arrows down on the battlefield.

The melee lost, the nearly immobilized Imperial Knights (many lost their horses) are pinned in place by halberds while the remaining Northern Knights pull back and start shooting arrows from horseback. 
Meanwhile, the Northern Warriors take up a position on a slight rise in the ground and start fighting with the Imperial Infantry on the left flank, while a similar combat is happening on the right flank (top of the picture) on the edge of the woods.

Northern archers get a crossfire on the Imperial Infantry as a result, negating some of their heavier armor and shields.

Its more or less a full on infantry battle at this point.

Northern Warriors are less heavily armored than their Imperial counterparts but they are adept fighters, and the advantage of high ground makes them nigh invincible... while the armor of the Imperials, while strong, is not enough to withstand repeated sword strikes.

Due to the high ground and much greater unit quality, the remaining knights are able to fight off the halberdiers engaging them, creating a whole in the Northern line.

The Imperial Knights  wheel to the right to start rolling up the Northern Left flank.

Northern Warriors continue to inflict casualties while taking only a few to crossbow fire.

Meanwhile at the edge of the woods the Imperials are losing men slowly but more steadily than the Northerners due to the longbow crossfire.

A bird's eye view.

The knights without their horses were mostly finished off by halberdiers but one injured one remains on the hill, resting. 

While a calvary charge on ranks of halberdiers is usually a bad idea (it will be deadly for both sides and Knights are worth more than levied halberds) in this case they are attacking a weakened flank and cause many halberdiers to lose their lives or their bravery. 

Imperials declare victory as the Northerners retreat. Overall it seems that a heavily armored force that starts with a strong push to take good terrain and then uses this terrain as an anchor for the rest of the battle is hard to beat. That said if the Northerners had held on a bit longer it seems like the longbowmen and warriors would have been hard to finish off... but without the mass of halberds the Northerners would have a hard time keeping Imperial infantry facing away from the longbowmen, and as soon as the shields are pointed towards the archers they were nearly invincible. Still, a battle well fought by both sides.

(Yes, we did play an RPG/small skirmish game at a scale of about 100 soldiers a side).


  1. Some nice looking stuff! What are you using for those walls, they look good.

    Also, what rules do you use? Your battlefield looks pretty cool!

  2. The walls in the first two pictures are from Khurasan. Still haven't painted them (or the nice street and interior terrain I got from them) but I'll get to it as soon as I figure out a good "universal building interior" scheme. Grey and metallic seems to work right now.

    The SF is 5150: Star Army, the fantasy/medieval is The Fantasy Trip, which was an RPG published by Metagaming (and written by Steve Jackson who went on to found Steve Jackson Games) that was relatively "lite" but the combat rules were pretty good (though simplistic). It can kinda be thought of as the predecessor of GURPS because pretty much all the basics are still in GURPS, with the main changes being an expanded skill system and shorter turns (1 second vs. 5 seconds) in GURPS.

    The battlefield is just Heroscape hexes reused... I've been thinking about using them for other hex games too but haven't gotten around to it.

  3. Sounds like you've been having fun. Thanks for the update.