Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gearing up for Traveller

Going to play in a Classic Traveller campaign soon; the group is going to try some experimental ideas-- perhaps rotating GMs, players role-playing as NPCs (with guidance from the GM-- something like an improv exercise), some attempts at scene structuring a la TV.

But of course there will still be 15mm miniatures.
Wasn't really motivated to take great photos, but here's some new models (some old ones too that needed some retouching).

Clear Horizon Hell Divers-- great minis. Was somewhat reluctant to get them because of concerns about head size (seemed a little large) but once they're painted up and on the table I don't really notice it.

Rebel Minis Black Widows, Infiltrators (one with paper towel poncho added), GZG bot

Khurasan Resistance

Mix of old and new

Another view of that poncho. I have another infiltrator with poncho added primed and ready to paint-- trying to get that Boba Fett vibe


  1. Like them! Hope your going to record the games on the blog for us.

  2. We're considering recording audio, taking some photos of minis, and mixing in some multimedia stuff that will be used by the GM (paintings of planets and the like, perhaps background music). Depending on what works out I'll probably upload it here.