Monday, December 14, 2015

Some 28mm Characters

I'm a scale-hopper, what can I say?

I'm doing 15mm primarily, still, but some 28mm models are just too tempting. Perhaps I'll use 28mm for really small scale skirmishes more (15mm is a little fiddly on occasion).

And of course I  recently made a pretty sizable order of 6mm that I'll probably use with Warfare in the Age of Madness, Dirtside II, and/or Stryker (the cheapness of vehicles and the way ranges look make this scale preferable for anything bigger than a platoon, to me, no matter what the rules were written for).

Anyway, here's some models I've painted in the past few days:

Reaper Miniatures (I've since fixed the weird black mark on his leg and changed the ear flap color to be more red as my reference photo was misleadingly orange)

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures

Flash kinda washed out parts of  this model so I took one without as well

Games Workshop (Not totally pleased with the armor markings)

Other news; 5150: Fringe Space is coming out very soon. I think I should note for readers of this blog that most of the mechanics and concepts previewed on this blog are not in the final product (though it is possible some elements will make it into free or cheap expansions in some form). The game is closer to Urban Renewal with a streamlined, narrative focus, and streamlined rules for space combat (that are similar to RSBS, focused on using limited bonus dice) and man to man fire fights (a la Chain Reaction 2015). The whole thing is built to be very modular-- it is extremely easy (and perhaps preferable, in some cases) to port in Urban Renewal or New Beginnings, Star Army, Fighter Command or Star Navy, or really any other THW game (as the combat mechanics are very streamlined I think I'll personally be doing this for more important encounters, and using the streamlined rules for quick random encounters where what matters more is resolution than exact tactical events). The whole goal of the game is to keep your character above water (or improving) month to month; there isn't an economic or financial component to this (that isn't abstracted), but instead the focus is on how these things affect Rep-- increasing or decreasing based on successes and failures. This makes characters fluctuate noticeably over the course of an adventure, which I think is very interesting.

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