Monday, July 18, 2011

Feels Like The First Time

Cause it is.

So I suppose a bit of explaining about what this blog is about is in order:

I'm a big science fiction fan, everything from hard literature to the softest space opera television series. I like hardness for its hardness, and I like softness for its freedom. 

For over a decade now, I've also been a wargamer. RPGs, grand strategy board games, tactical miniatures games, I like them all. And thats not even counting the video games. Hobby-wise, my focus has always been on Sci Fi miniatures... originally 28mm from Games Workshop, but overtime that shifted to various manufacturors, and recently my focus is almost entirely on 15mm Sci Fi and space combat wargaming... though scale is less specific and I have few actual models.

Quick note: Two Hour Wargames is what I use, now. Great publisher, if you don't know them. I suggest looking them up.

So what is this blog?
Its not Dropship Horizon. Its not Atomic Rockets (both are great, by the way, I suggest you look into those if you are not aware of them). Its more like a place for general discussion on my efforts on Sci Fi gaming, with the hope that this will inspire others, as well as offer a place for feedback.

Also, I really need a place to bounce my ideas around for games and settings and technologies.

And Batreps. 

Oh, also I'm very much into the setting that has developed over some years now and I want a place to be able to share it and get reactions.

I guess this blog is for a lot of things. 

One last thing before I start getting to the actual posts: The Ceres Crossroads is a bar on Ceres featured in the movie The American Astronaut. Its a strange, indie film, but I oddly gravitate towards it. Its almost like an old silent film, where it feels the visuals (and the soundtrack, oddly) are what's really important. At least, thats my take.  Thats where the picture is from, and I really would like to keep that name and picture as a bit of an homage to a movie that slightly changed my perspective on what a cool science fiction world looks like...


  1. Nice site. It's good to have a place for sci-fi gaming discussion and a bouncing around of ideas. Also looking forward to the BatReps too.


  2. Sounds good, Joe; I too am a THW fan and pretty much only use their system now. I have added you to my blog roll and will check in regularly, look forward to exchanging ideas :)

  3. interesting read, I have some parallel experience (sort of) I have a love/hate relationship with GW that is more hate then love, I like some aspects of their universe and figs and hate others, but I really hate the company as a whole, anyway 15mm is a good option, the figs are cheap and there are some really good companies and sculpts out there, keep painting and you will get better, maybe a darker wash and a lighter highlight.

  4. Thanks for the advice, Dan.

    I have been feeling like I need to start using highlights a bit more... for a long time I focused more on washes and similar (even some drybrushing, where it made sense) for 28mm, but the way I paint hasn't translated that well. I'll try thinking a bit more about highlights next time I paint.