Friday, March 2, 2012

Once More With Characters

A few days ago I painted some "character" models... I think altogether these are my best paint jobs in 15mm yet. A combination of new brushes, new paints, and increasing skill has resulted in these fine models:

Took some photos with flash and some without, as the Black Widow gets 'whited out' with flash while the commandoes can be seen in better detail... but they also look good 'desaturated' so...

The Flash even made one of the Black Widow's black arms look white on one side (the side being flashed), so don't look too closely =D

Obviously the Black Widow (Rebel Minis) on the far left is based on Miranda from Mass Effect. I actually really liked this model painted up-- I was a bit worried that they were too skinny and stick-like, but with some good washes and careful brush work she fits right in with all the less heroically proportioned models in my collection. I do wish the face was a bit better cast, but the hair pretty much makes it that you can only see the nose and mouth anyway, so no big.

The other guys are pretty generic special forces. I was going for DPM with the camo, and I think I got the gist of it... the goggles look nice outlined, brown helmets I was a little unsure of at first but now I like it, and I think the dark green shirt/jacket under the body armor and kit contrasts just enough with the camo to make the models look good without ruining the camo.

A friend pointed out that I was probably unconsciously influenced by the SAS characters in Call of Duty:
Who seem to wear a rather similar outfit (if much more desaturated due to the nature of "real is brown" philosophy in video game design).

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