Friday, July 13, 2012

Unification War Batrep

May 2, 2511
Alliance forces, led by General Richard Wilkins, start making their push through the Serenity Valley with the ultimate objective of taking out Independent air defenses. The Independents are operating with defense in depth... as the Alliance begins its assault, looking to push by Independent positions to meet up with a deep flanking group, the Browncoats are merely causing casualties to slow the enemy down and then falling back.

Browncoats hiding in the rocks before the Alliance attack.

The reserves and command team for this Browncoat position,  hiding behind a fold in the ground.

Overview of the defensive position. Surrounded by cliffs on both sides, the Alliance is forced to come through the woods to the North or the scrub to the Northwest. Neither is much of a match for the Independent trench and rocky cover-- a strong defensive line.

Alliance Purplebellies start their approach into the valley.

A squad moves up through the woods.

They advance to the tree line while the other Alliance soldiers move in from the Northwest.

Some context: The Alliance along the tree line and the Purplebellies coming in from the Northwest.

A fire team from the Command Squad moves up through the scrub to provide a crossfire with the squad in the woods. The Browncoats spot this group and make them duck back, while the group in the forest takes some casualties... they manage to knock out two of the Browncoats in the trench. One falls back with a casualty, the other (with an Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher) holds the line, pinning down the Purplebellies in the forest as well.

Some of the reserves move up to the trenches under the cover of the grenade launcher.

The fire team hiding in the rocks moves up to the Eastern flank of the woods and assaults the pinned Alliance troops.

They manage to take out the entire squad... a big dent in the attacker's forces. Soon the Browncoats will fall back... can't take too many casualties themselves!

The Purplebellies in the scrub try to get a fix on the hidden Browncoats in the trench... they do, this time. Though they are pushed back under cover by the soldiers in the trench, they manage to get a fix on their position, allowing the Lieutenant to throw a seeker grenade at the trench.

Half of the fire team in the woods tries to bomb the Alliance troops, but they fail to kill any. Meanwhile, an Alliance squad falls back to retake the woods from the North.

That squad is ambushed by the two remaining Browncoats, who OOF one Purplebelly. 

The Browncoats are hit by the Seeker, which takes out another 3 soldiers. The Browncoats in the forest fall back to the original defensive line.

The Alliance advances through the scrub, taking casualties but pushing back the Browncoats.

The last few Browncoats to have not escaped off the table (none were left behind in this fight!)  at their fall back position. They were able to escape with no further casualties. 

A good defense for the Browncoats... the Alliance took more casualties and were severely slowed down.

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  1. Another great BatRep, Joe. I was surprised that the Alliance troops held on, especially after having an entire squad wiped out on the Eastern flank from a Browncoat assault. I like the pics and descriptions of the battle as it happened. Nicely done!