Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beowulf Adventures, Part 3

Between being sick for nearly a week and then being out of town, I didn't have much game time. But on the plane ride back I decided to play out the next campaign turn:

Late December 590 AEE; Asteroid Blues Space Station, New Oregon, Paradise Sector.
No random encounter.

"Do your business quickly," Sam told the crew, "we're going to get out of here as soon as possible; we've got to get our passenger to Nevada."

Ship is repaired using supplies (-1 Supplies).

"With this light damage," Sarah noted, "it makes more sense to fix it ourselves. Ship facilities only break even when you've got more problems to deal with."

Buy Prices: (multiply by 1.25 and round up). Smuggling prices in parenthesis.

FoodMaterialMachineryFuel Luxuries

Sell Prices (multiply by 1.25 and round up). Smuggling Prices in parenthesis.
FoodMaterialMachineryFuel Luxuries

Good prices, in some ways, but not quite ideal. Yosi's Free Trading ability hasnt' been tweaking the markets well, yet, but thats just bad luck. Still, there are good deals to be had here, especially because we're headed for a Farm world.

Yosi Par smuggles succcessfully.
Sell 3 Material (gain 18 Wealth Points).
Buy 3 Supplies. (cost 1 Wealth Point).
Buy 8 Fuel (cost 56 WP).
Buy 3 Machinery (Costs 9 WP)
Odd Jobs (Gain 3 WP)
There are 2 Spacers and a Net Runner up for hire, but Beowulf isn’t hiring.
There are 4 Travellers (to New Macedon for 2 WP each) and 7 Colonists(to Ceres for 2 WP each) looking for travel. We’re already headed the opposite way so we’re not taking them on.

Fly to Nevada. Distance: 3. Taking off, -1 Fuel. Will spend 2 turns in transit. -1 Fuel.
End of Late December

When next month starts I'll have to pay 15 WP in upkeep... I currently have 17 WP. 2 WP is a bit less than I started with but on the other hand I didn't start with a full cargo hold on its way to a very lucrative trade...

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