Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Character Models...

Painted some of these a week or two ago, and just got around to taking a photo of them... I'm not TOTALLY satisfied with them (similar to the Firefly, I think I'll touch up some details once I get some new brushes sometime next week), but they look good enough to play with!

I'm also not totally happy with the way Wrex ended up looking... Krogan don't really roar with their mouths open in a large circle like that.... I think I might end up redoing his lower jaw so that his mouth comes to more of an edge.

Also, I still need a Garrus... ; )

Commander Shepard, Tali, a Viatsi Traveller, Ashley, Liara, Wrex, Kaiden, and Jubal Early (of Firefly).
All of these will double as generic spacers and soldiers, of course!

I'm afraid the guys don't have very interesting armor in Mass Effect (pretty much just grey with a red stripe or two...) but the girls get more interesting patterns, and I really enjoyed painting Jubal Early (he was easy and quick but looks cool!) and the Viatsi Traveller (I liked painting his kafiyeh/scarf/hood thing and the gun looks cool).

Hopefully some inspiration will be had-- a lot of these are modified in some way or another, or painted in rather unique ways, judging by the photos found on the internet....


  1. Jubal Early is, unfortunately, a bit out of focus.

  2. Nice work.

    As a suggestion, when taking a photo of 15mm figures, try standing them on a sheet of white paper (like a piece of standard printer paper). If you can, prop the paper up against a box or wall. This will give a curved, white background which helps focus light on your figures. I have used this technique on my blog, and on my modelling log.

  3. Thats more or less what I generally do (well, may bathroom walls and sink area are white, so pretty close), but I want to take advantage of the cool pictures of stars and such that I've collected over the years...

    Perhaps once these are touched up I'll do a white back ground pic...