Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Can't Take The Sky From Me

Painted some of my few 'real' (not micromachines or board game pieces) models today.

Reavers! (The little red and grey specs ships).

Not a perfect match for Serenity (especially the engine area), but the model isn't  either.... once I get some new brushes (my current ones are nearing on 5 years old!) I'm going to paint the crew and maybe touch up the ship a bit... make the engine actually match the one in the show (less yellow).


  1. Hi Joe they look good. Who supplies these minis?

    1. Ground Zero Games does the "Free Trader," the fighters are actually Battle Fleet Gothic from GW, but I'm not sure what type... I got them many years ago thinking I might get into BFG but never really did because I had no one to play with.